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Webbright Welcomes New Web Developer- Brian Armstrong

Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Sep 23, 2012 12:15:00 PM

Brian Armstrong

Webbright is very pleased to welcome Brian Armstrong to our Bright Team.

Brain Armstrong is a senior Information Systems student at Virginia Commonweath University. Brian joined the Bright Team in August as an intern web developer. He hit the ground running with the first project, moving a professional association website to the Wild Apricot platform.

Brain impressed us during the recruitment process with his test assignment. I asked him to show me if he can create a new site on Wild Apricot and move a couple of site pages; instead he moved almost 30 pages over the weekend. Brian works very well with minimum supervision, which works very well with Webbright's virtual culture.

Here are a couple of things that Brian shared with us and we really like:

Describes your work ethics

Hardworking, passionate, curious,teamplayer

Two favorite places

My first place is Michigan because it is where my family is from and alot of my childhood was spent there. It is a very relaxing/stress free environment and always a good time.

My second place is in the class room believe it or not. I have a passion for learning and competitiveness. Having those two things as a driving force the classroom is a perfect place for me to feel at ease and have fun!

Something you're proud of

One of the most memorable moments in my life was starting in organization from the ground up. This is not just any organization however this was a fraternal organization. We went from being not existent to a colony to a chapter because of hard work and determination. When I look back on that accomplishment I can truly be proud of my self and knowing that good things don't come easy! All my dedication in handwork has finally paid off!

Favorite project

My favorite project was a semester long project and creating an IS for a auction company. There legacy system was out dated and needed a lot of work. We took an assessment and gathered requirements, etc. Designed prototypes and mock ups, etc. Created the end product and presented it. I liked this project because it introduced me to so many different aspects of a formal project. I learned so much and truly enjoyed the experience. Yes it was work but it was fun and exciting. My role was creator of UI and the business models. I also was able to mock up prototypes and different feasibility studies of the company.