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Webbright moves the Patent Information User Group website to Wild Apricot

Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Nov 1, 2012 4:04:00 PM

Webbright, a Wild Apricot developer and solution provider, helped the Patent Information User Group Inc. (PIUG) move their website to the Wild Apricot platform within 2 months.

With more than 250 pages and 2000 contacts, this project took almost two months and countless hours. The project main goal was to move PIUG's website content and database contacts to Wild Apricot while maintaining the integrity (look-and-feel, URLs, structure) of the original site. In addition to moving the site, Webbright helped PIUG create a Commercial Provider Directory (CPD): a listing of providers for the PIUG member community. The CPD is a new initiative championed by Tom Wolff, PIUG Board Member and long-time webmaster. Other new features added to the website included: (1) a dynamic sponsor banner on the home page, (2) a public member directory, and (3) online event registration. Webbright also provided training and support to PIUG members to help them with their goal of "taking website control in their hands".

PIUG Home Page Before

piug home page before

PIUG Home Page After

piug home after

About the Patent Information User Group Inc.

PIUG was founded in the United States in 1988 by an ad hoc group of patent information scientists working in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and technology industries.  The impetus was to develop open communication among individual patent searchers and database producers in order to supplement existing conversations generally limited to database producers and customer companies’ managers at subscriber meetings and intercompany managers conferences. PIUG was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of Michigan in 1999.

About Webbright

Webbright designs and develops websites for membership organizations and helps them grow with integrated online marketing strategies. But, working with clients is more than building websites, blogs, or social networks. It’s about building relationships with people who are passionate about their mission, and helping them realize their vision. Since 2002, Webbright has been fortunate to work with some amazing organizations all over the world, and build exceptional relationships with billiant individuals.

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