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2012/2013 Bright Annual Update

Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Jan 7, 2013 2:33:00 PM

News from our Bright World!

The end of the year is a time for reflection on past breakthroughs and a time to set new ones for the coming year. What an amazing year 2012 was for Webbright! Here are a few breakthroughs and accomplishments that I'm most proud of and grateful for this year.

Bright Clients

We have been very blessed this year working with some amazing organizations on their membership websites. Our Bright Clients included the IMC Club (for instrument rated pilots), the Virginia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (VAMPI), and the Patent Information User Group (PIUG). From organization missions, to member culture, to website requirements, each client is unique and special. We are most grateful for the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.


This year, both our website design and content had major re-work, and the results have been outstanding. I think my favorite payback was when a prospect complimented us on our new branding and even presented it to his board, pitching our services for his organization! How many times have you had a prospect selling your services on your behalf? I want to particularly thank Kevin Flores and his team for our bright, modern, professional, and solid new branding. Thanks also to Jennifer Sperberg and her amazing team for helping with our website content and messaging. Jennifer and her team took the time to know me and Webbright well enough to communicate who we are and what make us special.


One of the things I enjoy most about what I do is the relationships I build with other talented, kind, friendly, and intelligent professionals. This year I had the pleasure of starting new partnerships with Kevin Flores, Jennifer Sperberg, Matthieu Disna, Allison Reilly, Shade Wilson, and Samantha Fotovat. Thanks to these special relationships, Webbright now offers a large set of exceptional services in inbound marketing and membership websites.


I have great passion fo working with interns. This year I had the pleasure of working with two exceptional students: Brian Armstrong, a System Information Analyst student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Jessica Cox, a Marketing student at Virginia State University. They both were a pleasure to work with and I expect them both to have amazing careers in the future. Thanks also to Jonathan Young with VSU and Darleen Thomson from VCU for the bright stars they sent my way.

Life Learning

As I learned in the Dale Carnegie Sales Success course earlier this year, one of the characteristics of having a positive attitude for sales (and life) is being a lifelong learner! Luckily, it is one of my favorite things. The Inbound Marketing conference in Boston this summer was by far the highlight of this year for me. It's very inspiring and motivating to be around like-minded individuals and listen to remarkable speakers share their insight and knowledge.

Courses: JJ White, a Dale Carnegie franchise owner and one of the smartest sales people I know, has partnered with Jeffrey Gitomer, sales guru and best-selling author of the Little Red Book of Selling and other top selling books, to create the Dale Carnegie Sales Success course. I had the pleasure of attending the first course JJ offered earlier this year, and then invited him back as a coach for a second class in the spring. Not only did I gain confidence and new sales skills, but I've actually been able to sell more this year. The class is outstanding and I highly recommend it. I also do Inbound Marketing and sales training with HubSpot on an ongoing basis.

Bright Advisors

Starting and running a business is an emotional experience that requires perseverance and a lot of personal support! I am most fortunate for the exceptional people in my life who supported me and Webbright since the start. Special thanks to my mentor, Leyla Mason, my brother Hesham, my sister Heba, my mom Amal, and my wonderful husband Eric.

A big shout out to my amazing Emyth business coach, Rachel Clark, who has been with me since 2009. She kept me focused on the seven centers of management, helped me find my "center", and "get more and more reflective as the years pass". 

New Position

I was fortunate to come across the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) early in 2011 when they hired me to work on their website. I greatly enjoyed working with their team and was eager to get more involved with the organization. When the position of the Executive Director (ED) became available, RPOA graciously hired me for the job. I was very eager to help them with Internet marketing, which I knew a lot about as a certified Inbound Marketer; but I didn't know anything about the RPOA, the job, or even the industry. I spent most of 2012 learning what it takes to be an ED, and worked with amazing, smart people on building the RPOA into an online hub for the industry and bringing RPO leaders together. Working with RPOA has been a very rewarding experience, and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity. Special thanks to Mike Mayeux and John Younger for supporting and believing in me.

I know this has been a long update, but I really had a lot to share, and I know you're eager to hear it! I'm always thrilled when I connect with my old, long-distance friends every year or so and they tell me they enjoy reading my business updates. So even though I might not hear back from you, I know you're reading.

I hope you take the time to reflect on your breakthroughs from last year, and I wish you the best luck with great accomplishments for 2013!

With warmest regards for a happy and prosperous year!

December, 2012

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