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Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Jun 4, 2013 12:33:00 PM


The year 2013 has been a wonderful and eventful year for Webbright and myself. I thought it's time to share some inspiration with you.

New Partners. More Customers.

We've been very blessed this year, with a steady flow of business. Webbright has experienced an exciting growth in 2013. We're not even half way through the year yet, and we've more than doubled the number of association clients compared to the entire year last year . We've been fortunate to work with amazing leaders from organizations including: Midwest Association for Translators and Interpreters, Richmond Compensation Association, Association of Translators and Interpreters of Florida, Columbus Metropolitan Club, IMC Club, Massachusetts Neurology Association. Our Bright Client portfolio is looking awesome! We're also excited to work with a new design partner who's been instrumental in helping us deliver outstanding website designs and keep up with demand. Of course, we can't do it without our very talented and phenomenal Chief Bright Developer, Matthieu Disna. Thank Matthieu, you're amazing!

A Bright Intern Success Story

There are clients, and there are interns, and they're both important for us. I am very proud to share that Jessica Cox, my most recent intern and 3rd to complete an internship with Webbright, has graduated in May, 2013 from Virginia State University with a bachelors degree in Marketing with honors (Cum Laude).

Jessica completed her 4-month internship with Webbirght in December 2012. During her internship, she learned about inbound marketing by completing 16 online courses through the Inbound Marketing University and working on assignments that included writing blog article for Webbright. "Thank you [Lamees] for the opportunity to work with you! I learned a lot and will be applying it in the future," said Jessica.

After graduation, Jessica started working at The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. "Currently, I am the an intern in the Meetings and Event Planning department and in hopes of a permanent position at the end of the internship. I love it so far! Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful," said Jessica.

Guess Who's Going Back to School?

VCU, here I come! I'm most excited to share that I've applied, and been accepted, to the Executive MBA program at Virginia Commonwealth University. This has been a life-long dream for me and I can't wait to get started. Now, with our two kids in elementary school and with my existing work commitment, this will be a family effort and a lot of time management, but I'm certainly up to it.

I hope you found some inspiration and motivation from this Bright Update to work on your business or your personal goals. I would love to hear about them!

Bright wishes,

Lamees Abourahma
President & Proud Mentor
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