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Website Design & Development for Translators and Interpreters Association

Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Feb 14, 2013 9:27:00 PM

mati-afterA chapter of the American Translators Association gets a major website revamp.

Who is MATI?

The Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI), a chapter of the American Translators Association (ATA), was established in 2003 as a non-profit organization by and for translators and interpreters in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, to promote the recognition and advancement of translation and interpretation as professions.

What was the problem?

MATI wanted to redesign their existing website because it was "atrocious in too many ways to count," said Susie Schweigert, a MATI Board Member. They decided to go with the Wild Apricot platform because of the functionality and flexibility it offers for membership organizations. They also wanted to take control of their website management, which Wild Apricot supports. But, they knew they needed help with the website design and development and looked for a Wild Apricot partner to work with. Webbright was their first pick, with its impressive portfolio of high-quality, professional websites.

"While they [Webbright] are not the cheapest, they looked the most professional," said Christina Green, MATI President. Green has been rebranding MATI since she took over the organization a few years ago. The website was a major marketing piece that needed a lot of attention. Webbright has the team, experience, and processes to make Wild Apricot customization an easy and pleasant experience. "We don't want a ’home-made’ design," Green said.

What did Webbright Offer?

  1. Custom Wild Apricot template incorporating MATI’s new logo and branding
  2. Membership level setup
  3. Wild Apricot database customization (membership fields and contact fields setup)
  4. Membership application setup
  5. Member directory setup
  6. Online payment integration
  7. Custom domain name setup
  8. Contact/database migration
  9. Google Analytics integration
  10. Training for MATI’s members

What are the results?

The new, and much improved, MATI website was launched after six weeks of smooth process of design and development. In addition to the design, Webbright re-created the member directory, where site visitors can search for translators and interpreters. The directory provides major value for MATI members as it gives them more visibility through the organization and an online presence to showcase their qualifications.

New features were added to the website, including a new blog, a member forum, a calendar, an online application with integrated credit card payment, and an email communication system.

"The blog will feature articles by local experts in translation and interpretation, and subject matter will include issues pertaining to the field in the form of explorations into language, methodology and technology, book reviews, biographies, notes on presenters and meeting summaries," said MATI Board. The new website should add more value to members, which should translate into more members for MATI.


"Thank you so much Lamees for such a pleasant experience. Working with you and your team has been a treat. Thanks for all the support and the patience. We are truly happy." -Christina Green, MATI President

"It was overall a great experience working with Lamees on our website. She is an excellent communicator. Everything was laid out very clearly, and she was available to discuss ideas and answer questions. She was especially helpful explaining things and coming up with ideas for those of us who have little or no experience with website development. Her design team did a particularly good job learning about our organization and what we wanted out of the website in order to create a site that I functional, easy to use and looks great! We are thrilled with our new website and I would no hesitate to recommend Lamees and Webbright to anyone looking for website design services.” – Susan Schweigert, MATI

Before and After Images

website design before

home page after

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