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Website Design and Development for Atlanta Area Compensation Association

Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Mar 4, 2014 3:35:00 PM

Screen_Shot_2015-08-02_at_8.58.52_PMLast year, the Atlanta Area Compensation Association (AACA) took on a major initiative to re-design our web site. Based on a lot of research, we decided to use the Wild Apricot platform, but needed a vendor that could help us create a site our members would love. We researched and solicited several vendors. After a significant vetting process, we decided to go with Webbright to develop our site. Early on in the process, we knew we made the right decision.

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The Webbright team has mastered the art of communicating with their clients. When we were considering multiple vendors, the standard was to refer us to a web site for each vendor’s portfolio.  With other vendors, we would go to one page to see samples, another to see pricing and another to see the work team (which was very confusing for our vendor selection committee).  With Webbright, we received a well-developed marketing pack that could be easily forwarded to our selection committee members for review.  There was no need to refer our search committee to 10 different web pages to lead them through a presentation.  All our initial questions were answered in a simple document.    

Webbright’s communications expertise carried over to the web site design.  The entire site was integrated with Google Analytics and optimized for web traffic.  Lamees was able to share industry best practices for optimizing our web site and making it modern.  We can now monitor all our traffic to the site.  We now know pages receive the most traffic and where people drop off our site.  These were services that were provided above-and-beyond.  Our members love the new site and we now have the analytics to prove it.

The customer service provided by Lamees and the Webbright team was second to none.  Throughout the process, Lamees provided us with timetables and access to work in progress.  While we had a good idea what we wanted, Lamees was fantastic at making suggestions we hadn’t thought of.  If there was a reason something wouldn’t work as we wanted, there was always a sound explanation given along with other options for us to consider.  If a web page didn’t work exactly like we thought it would, Webbright was quick to make changes.  We paid a flat price for the design of the website and Webbright never wavered from that price.  Even after we asked for significant changes to certain page functionality, they never suggested the change would be out-of-scope, like other vendors I’ve dealt with in my career.

Even several months after our web site completion, the Webbright team has checked in with us regularly to ensure the site still meets our needs.  Their team has taken the time to walk us through making site edits and even made recommendations for improving the functionality.

Greg LaneyIf you are considering having your association’s site updated, I would highly recommend using the Wild Apricot platform and Webbright to design your site.  Their team will work with your association to develop the site that can take your organization’s web presence to the next level.

Best Regards,

Greg Laney
2013 President, Atlanta Area Compensation Association