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Extreme Website Makeover in Sixteen Days

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Apr 14, 2015 9:31:00 PM

figt-homeWith a new president looking to update their image- and with a budget saved up for work on their branding - Families in Global Transition (FIGT) turned to Webbright, to create a website that would present FIGT as a global organization and showcase the diversity and vibrancy of their culture.

An organization that provides a forum and resources for globally mobile families, FIGT holds a 3-day conference every year, and wanted a design mockup they could share with members at their next annual conference.

Webbright drastically exceeded those expectations.

"Well done, and thanks a million! The energy around your business is very inspiring."- Kilian Kroll, Families in Global Transition President

“We went from launching the project, to gathering design requirements, presenting a design mockup, making revisions, approving the design and implementing the design on the live site in 16 days” said Lamees Abourahma, President and Founder of Webbright. “We exceeded the expectations and had a complete transformation of the website a week before the conference.”

The creative brief was submitted and project was launched on February 13, and an initial website design was developed by the 23rd.  On February 29th, the new site was live. 

The results of the new site have been great. According to Emily McDermott, the FIGT Website Chair, “I had people come to me prior to officially unveiling it, complimenting me on the new site, not just the visual improvement, but that the site is now easier to navigate. We had nothing but good things to share. There is a sense of renewed energy about the project and what we’re trying to accomplish with our new branding.”

It isn’t only the final site itself that impressed; McDermott described working with Webbright as “Wonderful. You [Webbright] made it so easy because, through your Creative Brief, you wanted to know what our goals were, how we wanted the site to look, what was important to us…Your training is value-add to the services you provide. We feel very confident through the tutorial we received from Webbright, and the Wild Apricot help.”

Kilian Kroll, the FIGT President, added, “I am so impressed with the transition of the website design and how smooth the process was. The site is thousand times better.”

Families in Global Transition - Home Page After



Families in Global Transition - Home Page Before



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