Bright Clients: Successful Membership Website Development

How This Organization Built a Multi-Chapter Website with Wild Apricot

Even though the Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) had redone their website only four years ago, it wasn’t meeting their needs as they grew. As a professional organization with a number of chapters, what the Exit Planning Exchange needed most was a way to centralize the website, databases and information that they used. Though they had originally had a separate site for each chapter and the national organization, they realized that to streamline administration and maintain the brand, they needed to centralize their web presence. However, the first attempt at making one site for the entire organization wasn’t a total success. They needed a new site that would give them the functionality and flexibility to meet their and their chapter’s needs.

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Website Design & Development for Richmond Compensation Association

Webbright designs and develops new website for the Richmond Compensation Association

Webbright is proud to announce another successful launch of a custom Wild Apricot website for the Richmond Compensation Association.

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