Bright Internship Program

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I was fortunate enough to receive various scholarships and internship opportunities from the government and other sources.The internship jobs allowed me to get real experiences before I finished my programs. With the internship funding, I was able to complete my degrees with a small student loan, which I paid within a couple of years.

As college education becomes more expensive each year, and as the unemployment rate stays at record highs, I understand the greater value of internship programs and scholarship for young students. This is why I am passionate about providing internship opportunities and scholarships at Webbright Services. My goal is to build Webbright as a world-class Internet Marketing provider, while offering learning opportunities for motivated, aspiring students.

Our internship program is virtual; you can be anywhere to apply, however, you should be very comfortable working independently with minimum supervision.

If you are the Bright Star we're looking for, I hope you will consider an internship opportunity with Webbright and fill out an application today!


Lamees Abourahma
Founder & President
Webbright Services, LLC