Custom Wild Apricot Design & Development

We are a full-service Wild Apricot development provider. Here is a list of some of the custom Wild Apricot services we offer. For more details or other services, contact us to find out how we can help you.

Website Design - Custom Wild Apricot Themes

Wild Apricot is powerful membership management software; however, its built-in website templates are generic and don’t offer much customization. We design and develop branded website themes for your Wild Apricot website.

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Website Migration and Wild Apricot Setup - Consulting and Training

Whether you’re moving your existing website to Wild Apricot or setting up a new website on Wild Apricot, our expert team can make your process seamless and smooth. We can also train your team on the Wild Apricot platform to get you started and give you control over your website.

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Dynamic Sponsor Banner

Your sponsors are very important for your organization and you want to give them the most value you can.

We can create a rotating sponsor banner that you can place on your home page and give your sponsors a great visibility. We can even adjust the rotating time for each sponsor based on the sponsorship level.

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Dynamic Member Map

Looking to automatically plot your Wild Apricot members on an Interactive Google Map? Our innovative customization will parse your member directory and plot your members’ addresses on a Google map that they can zoom and pan. A marker will indicate where a particular member is located. Each marker is connected to the member profile; by clicking on a member marker the user will be directed to the member profile to find more information. The customization requires no maintenance – once set up, it will automatically check for new members and address-changes update the map without you needing to do anything.

Custom Search Functions

Wild Apricot offers built-in search functions for the member directory including its simple search, advanced search, and browsing functions. However, we can add more customization to your Wild Apricot search functions and page layout with advanced coding.

Member Search by Location- Proximity Search

Allow users to search for members by location such as zipcode or address intersection. This custom code will automatically generate the latitude and longitude of your member’s addresses and quickly calculate which members are within the specified radius of the entered address, intersection, or zip code. The end result is a list of members, sorted from closest to farthest away. The customization requires no maintenance – once set up it will automatically check for new members and address changes update the map without you needing to do anything.

Social Media Integration

Give a little life to the static Wild Apricot profile by adding interactive social media widgets and buttons. Your site visitors can opt to follow members on Twitter, Like on Facebook, View a YoutTube video by a member, check out their LinkedIn information, and more – all without leaving the member’s profile.

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Member Directory- Provider Directory- Buyer's Guide -Marketplace 

Whether your organization wants a public member directory, a private member directory, or any other kind of directories, we can help you setup it up and customize any search functionality you need.

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Custom Domain Name Setup

Your domain name is part of your organization branding. You shouldn't settle for the Wild Apricot default domain (

We will setup a custom domain (or more) for your Wild Apricot website.

Online Payment Integration

You can accept online payment and automate most of your membership and event registration functions when you integrate your Wild Apricot software with you payment processing provider (i.e., PayPal,, etc).

Automated Sitemap

Add another site navigation option for users by listing your sitemap in the footer for easy page access. This custom function is fully automated; the site map will update automatically as you add, delete, and move pages.

Cross-site Login

Have a separate website with features for Wild Apricot members? With some custom coding, it is possible to check if a members is currently logged into wild Apricot from a different website. You can then provide additional member-only services not possible on the Wild Apricot platform, such as file sharing, member event submission, website chat and other.

Bilingual Website

For organizations that want to provide their website content with more than one language, we provide the ability to switch between website sections in different languages.

Responsive Website Design

Chances are your website visitors will be viewing your content on a variety of devices (smart phones, tablets, computers, etc). With responsive design, your website adjusts to the size of the device to show content within the viewing area.

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor your Wild Apricot website performance by the free and powerful Google Analytics tools.

Content and Data Migration

If you're like most other organizations, chances are your members and other contacts live in different database systems. Consolidate your database and move all your contacts to the Wild Apricot database.

We can help you customize Wild Apricot database and import all your contacts. We can also move any content you might have on another website into Wild Apricot.

Membership Marketing and HubSpot Inegration

Members, sponsors, and donors are the financial fuel of any membership organization. Ignite your membership with an integrated marketing solution. Get more visitors to your website, convert more of them to members, sponsors, or donars, and analyze and innovate your systems with the inbound marketing methodology and the HubSpot software.

We are the only company that integrates the Wild Apricot software with the HubSpot software for the most powerful web-based membership marketing solution.