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Social Media Marketing and Other Hot Association Topics

Posted by Allison Reilly on Jul 2, 2014 1:46:00 PM

association news, news for associationsNormally, our association news roundups feature a central theme, such as membership engagement, association marketing, or sponsorship management. Although we do have two great social media marketing articles for you this week, this week's news roundup also features topics that are the "talk of the town," such as the Hobby Lobby case and working with a marketing or web development agency. Essentially, there's something here for everyone in every type of member-based organization to enjoy.

21 Free Non-Profit Webinars for July 2014 - Wild Apricot - We understand that Independence Day weekend is around the corner, so many associations may be too busy or to excited for the holiday weekend to think about a webinar. That's great, and please enjoy the weekend, but there are many other great webinars happening later in the month. The topics to be covered include non-profit website needs, volunteer engagement, using LinkedIn effectively, and corporate sponsorships.

How to Use Social Media for Excellent Member Engagement - Votility - As associations and member-based organizations know, members make everything work. Without members, the association may not exist. Social media, or social tools like PushUp Social, are the platforms members use to interact online even if they do show up to in-person meetings and events. It's up to association staff members to engage with members on these platforms as well and to use social media to build relationships. Social media ought to be used to assist members and to put members first. After all, it's best to think of social media as something that's for members and not necessarily for the association.

Hobby Lobby Ruling Raises Cheers, Concerns from Associations - Associations Now - Essentially, reactions are mixed among associations big and small. Religious medical associations, such as the Catholic Medical Association and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, were very pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby. Many health care and civil rights associations were disappointed with the ruling, while organizations such as the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good were in the middle about the result. The Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good were happy with the ruling, but are also in favor of health care reform and doing what's necessary to ensure everyone has access to quality care.

8 Ways to Make Social Media Matter - The Non-Profit Marketing Blog - If your organization is still having trouble with social media, whether its using it effectively or figuring out how to build a great online presence, then this article is for you. The best way to start is to pick one channel and to focus on using that one channel well. The one channel should be the social network that's used the most by your members. Afterward, organizations need to spend the time to ensure that the one channel is used well and should set up incremental benchmarks to measure whether or not the effort is making a difference.

So You Just Hired an Agency: How to Start Off on the Right Foot - Inbound Hub - Some associations may choose to hire an agency like Webbright Services to handle some, or all, of your association marketing. The decision isn't a bad one, but it can turn into a bad one if you don't handle the relationship correctly. Disorganization, mistrust, and a lack of understanding of the process can ruin what otherwise would have been a great agency relationship. This article outlines what an association ought to prepare when working with an outside agency, such as information about past marketing efforts, a list of contacts and competitors, and establishing a process for deadlines and revisions prior to getting started.

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