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How to Rock Your Organization’s Website

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Jul 12, 2016 5:00:00 AM

association websiteHaving an attractive, user-friendly, well-laid-out website isn’t a luxury for member organizations- it’s a necessity. In this week’s Association Debrief, we look at how to optimize your site for action and member experience and suggest several mistakes to avoid as we show you how to rock your organization’s website.

What to Look for in a Membership Website Building Software – Webbright - @webbright

This article discusses the five most important considerations for membership website-building software. These include whether the software is cloud-based or downloaded, whether it’s easy to use, the training and support the software provides, a simple, easy-to-understand pricing structure, the technical experience of the software developer, and whether the software has security systems to protect your members and their information. The article goes in depth into each item, explaining why potential software buyers should factor it into their selection, and makes suggestions about what specifically to look for in each.

Friday Buzz: Optimize Your Website for Action – Associations Now - @AssociationsNow

It can be challenging for association websites to turn mindless surfers into engaged participants. This article suggests using conversion rate optimization, or CRO, to help website visitors make the switch. CRO uses to data to identify small changes to websites that make them look more appealing and engaging to users, giving associations and other member organizations a way to engage more site visitors without doing massive, expensive site overhauls. It explains the benefits of conversion rate optimization, examines current statistics of CRO use, and predicts why those statistics will soon change.

6 Mistakes Associations Make in Their Websites – Wild Apricot - @wildapricot

Websites aren’t just static place-holders. Instead, they’re marketing channels that provide a great ROI for associations that plan and leverage them properly. This article takes a look at six common mistakes that associations make with their websites, including not having a clear website strategy, not defining their target audience, cluttering their home page with content, not customizing their website template, adding pages and content without thinking about structure, site map and navigation, and not having strong branding on their site. The article then goes on to suggest ways to fix or avoid those six mistakes, including identifying website objective and target audience, determining what you want visitors to do when they go to your site, and evaluating and improving your website structure.

10 Tips that Can Drastically Improve Your Website’s User Experience – HubSpot - @hubspot

Your website can be your most valuable tool and a powerful salesman, but only if visitors have a good time on your site. This article recommends ten small changes that can improve your website’s user experience without a drastic and expensive overhaul. These tips include using white space, increasing your page speed, using bullets to get your important information across, being responsive and mobile-friendly, and more.

9 Super Scary Nonprofit Website Mistakes – Network For Good - @Network4Good

Most people have short attention spans, particularly on the internet. This means that your website has to grab and keep visitor’s attention in the space of seconds, which is not always an easy proposition. This article warns readers about nine common mistakes that nonprofits make with their websites, including not having contact information, information about your nonprofit’s vision or mission, or the latest nonprofit news on your site, having a navigation structure that doesn’t make sense, not being mobile optimized, and more.

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