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Sponsorships, Donors, and Other Non-Dues Association Revenue Streams

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Jul 16, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Sponsorships_Donors_and_Other_Non-Dues_Association_Revenue_StreamsIn membership-based organizations, it can be dangerous to rely entirely on membership dues for your funding. Diversifying your income with non-dues revenue puts your organization on a more solid financial footing and protects you from unexpected difficulties. In this week’s Association Debrief, we present the best association ideas for non-dues revenue, including sponsorships, donors, and other non-dues association revenue streams, how to cultivate long-term revenue-generating relationships, and the best ways to implement non-dues revenue strategies to keep both your revenue sources and members happy.

Non-Dues Revenue: The Basics – Wild Apricot - @wildapricot

Many smaller organizations do not even begin to tap into their non-dues revenue potential. This article walks the reader through the concept of non-dues revenue, why it is a challenge for many small organizations, and how these groups can develop profitable non-dues revenue programs. It suggests ways to repurpose existing elements of your organization, including your website, newsletters, marketing brochures, and special events to generate revenue from advertisements, sponsorships, and vendor exhibits. Generating this revenue does not need to be difficult or time-consuming, and it can offer big rewards.

Bright Ideas for Displaying Sponsor Logos on Your Membership Website – Webbright - @webbright

Sponsors are some of the most important players in the financial health of any membership-based organization. To maintain sponsor interest in your organization and provide value return for sponsorship, this article suggests providing them visibility by adding their logos to your website. It provides a couple of rules of thumb for adding sponsor logos and three examples of how you can post your sponsor’s logos on your website to get your member’s attention and give your sponsors the visibility they want.

Why Your Donors Want to Remain Anonymous – Nonprofit Marketing Blog - @Network4Good

Donors are some of the most valuable players in your organization. Not only are they clearly engaged with your organization, they support your financial well-being and stability. However, donors often want to remain anonymous when they give, which limits your ability to be appreciative and engage them further. This article examines the reasoning behind donor anonymity, and provides five suggestions for building a relationship with your donors that keeps them from hiding behind an “Anonymous” button. These include letting donors choose how they hear from you and letting them know what to expect from you, developing a strategic communication plan for donors that includes a carefully thought-out thank-to-ask ratio, and keeping donor information sacred.

Is There a Correlation Between Paid Marketing and Donations? – Care2 - @care2

There are a lot of opportunities to pay for marketing. Paid internet and social media ads, spaces in local fliers and newspapers, and many other options make the list is nearly endless. This article investigates whether there is a correlation between paid marketing and donations for nonprofit organizations. It presents statistics from Care2’s recently released 2015 M+R Benchmarks Study on the percentage of organizations that invest in ads, investment level by organization size, and information on donation levels for nonprofit organizations.

The Power of Non-Dues Revenue – Association Adviser - @AssocAdviser

This article presents key takeaways from a recent seminar about non-dues revenue for association leaders. It emphasizes the importance of listening to your members, advertisers, and exhibitors what they want and implementing their ideas. It presents the importance of non-dues revenue, but cautions against going overboard with advertisements and other materials and inundating your members with information that doesn’t provide them with real value. It suggests creating a financial and non-dues strategy that provides value to your membership, aligns with your organization’s mission, and incorporates member and customer feedback.

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