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Structuring Options for Organization Success

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Dec 8, 2015 6:30:00 AM

If you are a membership-based organization, your organization structure and your membership structure determine the operation, growth potential, and success of your organization. Different structures will work for different organizations, so in this week’s Association Debrief, we present multiple structuring options for organization success.

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How Your Membership Structure Determines Your Success

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Nov 12, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Membership structure is definitely not one size fits all. Different organization constituencies have different needs, and what works for a 10,000-member national organization won’t work the same for a 500-member local organization. Determining the correct membership structure for your organization is essential – your membership structure will affect how members and potential members perceive the value in membership and program offerings, whether they will pursue membership in your organization, and whether they stay members once they’ve joined. Here, we discuss how your membership structure determines your success, as well as the importance of talking to your association’s constituency to see what works best for everyone.

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Using Competition to Motivate Association Members and Chapters

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Oct 13, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Competition is a great motivator. It brings people together, gets them involved, and encourages competitors to outdo themselves and each other. This phenomenon can be seen the world over – it’s why people get involved with their local sports teams, watch major sporting events, and become instantly friends with someone they’ve never met before as long as they’re both yelling support for the same side, person or team. National associations or membership organizations with multiple chapters can benefit from the visceral drive of competition by using it as a tool to strengthen their individual chapters by encouraging inter-chapter competition. Here, we take a look at three ways using competition to motivate association members is good for your chapters.

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How to Successfully Lead Associations

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Sep 24, 2015 6:30:00 AM

For associations to succeed, they need the right leaders at the helm. No matter how strong the rest of the association structure is, it will suffer from poor leadership, and great leadership can help a struggling association thrive. In this week’s Association Debrief, we examine how best to manage association players, new ideas for leadership development, how to encourage emerging leaders and more as we discover how to successfully lead associations

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Popular Options for Member Management Software

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Aug 11, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Member management software helps membership-based organizations run more efficiently and effectively, gathering data and communications in one easily-managed place rather than spread across dozens of spreadsheets and databases. Different software options offer a number of various features based on the size and needs of their target client organizations, and it can be difficult to decide what software to use. Here, we review the most popular options for member management software for small membership organizations.

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Best Tips for Managing Association Players

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Jul 30, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Managing any organization is hard work. Membership-based organizations such as associations are particularly difficult, as they involve lots of moving parts and various stakeholders who all have roles in the successful operation of the organization. In this week’s Association Debrief, we take a look at the best tips for managing association players, such as Board members and staff members, and examine an alternative management structure where employees take the lead. Finally, the Debrief rounds out with pointers on how to bring out the best in your management style.

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How to Prevent Association Extinction: Association Success Stories

Posted by Janine Lucas on Feb 5, 2015 11:52:00 AM

In a previous post, we discussed why Millennials are the future of multigenerational membership. During our recent interview, Founder and President of Purposeful Hire, Inc, Shira Harrington, shared the key to helping associations grow and thrive amidst a rapidly changing landscape. A few of the membership-reviving techniques she offered included: (1) focus on career advancement; (2) re-think the business model; (3) time is money—offer to free some up; (4) diversify by segmenting; and (5) get with the times.

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Lasting Relationships are Key to Association Success

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Jan 20, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Your association has a diverse group of participants, including members, donors, and Board members. Building lasting relationships with these participants is the key to keeping them invested and engaged in the long run. In this week’s Association Debrief, we look at tools for and benefits of making the most of your participant relationships with donors, members, and board members. Retention, existing participant engagement, and outgoing member relationships are all scrutinized to see where you and your organization can benefit through increased member involvement, member engagement, and board member engagement to ensure association success.

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Millennials as the Future of Multigenerational Membership

Posted by Janine Lucas on Dec 10, 2014 6:30:00 AM

Is membership a dying business? We recently sat down with Shira Harrington, Founder and President of Purposeful Hire, Inc, and asked her this question. Shira, who has been recruiting for associations in the DC area for the past 20 years, has seen the changes associations are experiencing with multigenerational members (or lack off) and deeply understands the surmounting troubles facing them.

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5 Recommendations for Empowring Your Association Supporters

Posted by Janine Lucas on Dec 4, 2014 2:36:00 PM

What's one of the most important elements of a successful fundraising campaign? Did you guess "storytelling"? If not, don't worry, this week's Association Debrief has got you covered. The articles below will help you empower supporters to fundraise for you through the power of storytelling and other strategies. Additionally, you'll find ways to create a content marketing strategy for members; better manage volunteers; and come up with ways to uncover engaged members and target them with key re-engagement strategies.

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