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Key Ways to Increase Members Online Engagement

Posted by Carrie Kolar on May 26, 2015 8:00:00 AM

We live in the age of the internet, and online is the preferred medium for research, discovery, and communication. Having an online presence is essential for associations and other organizations, which presents a huge opportunity for engagement with members and potential members as they make their round online. In this week’s Association Debrief, we present key ways to increase members online engagement through your website, online forums, and crowdsourcing, and take a look at how data can help you target and maximize your engagement strategy. 

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5 Recommendations for Empowring Your Association Supporters

Posted by Janine Lucas on Dec 4, 2014 2:36:00 PM

What's one of the most important elements of a successful fundraising campaign? Did you guess "storytelling"? If not, don't worry, this week's Association Debrief has got you covered. The articles below will help you empower supporters to fundraise for you through the power of storytelling and other strategies. Additionally, you'll find ways to create a content marketing strategy for members; better manage volunteers; and come up with ways to uncover engaged members and target them with key re-engagement strategies.

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Topics: fundraising, managing volunteers, association management

Fundraising Tips, Email Marketing Insights, and More Association News

Posted by Allison Reilly on May 27, 2014 1:10:00 PM

Fundraising and email marketing go hand in hand, since associations may use email marketing as a way to recruit new members, to encourage members to renew their memberships, or to ask the email list to donate or to sponsor an event. This week's Association Debrief focuses on fundraising, marketing for associations, and how these two concepts are exclusive. When associations are fundraising, they are marketing themselves as well. And, every marketing opportunity is also an opportunity to recruit a new member or to turn someone into a recurring donor.

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