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Top Strategies to Increase Your Membership

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Dec 17, 2015 6:00:00 AM

The year is ending, so it’s time to look back, take stock, and begin making plans for how your membership organization will grow and thrive in the new year. Membership growth is one of the most important ingredients for organization health, and to create an effective plan of attack for attracting new members, you need a well thought-out strategy. In this week’s Association Debrief, we present top strategies to increase your membership through social media, member experience, and finding growth opportunities in the face of adversity.

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Ways to Use Storytelling to Promote Association Success

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Aug 13, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Effective, successful marketing always begins with a story. Stories are how people relate to the world and the lens through which they interpret it, so telling a memorable, engaging story is the best way to reach out to people and get them involved with your organization. In this week’s Association Debrief, we examine the importance of storytelling for nonprofits and associations, how to craft effective stories and ways to use storytelling to promote association success.

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Top Tips for Driving Association Marketing Efforts in 2015

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Jul 9, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Marketing is an essential activity for any successful association. Your marketing determines how well you get your organization’s name out, establish and build a presence in your field, and attract new members. In this week’s Association Debrief, we offer top tips for driving association marketing efforts in 2015 by taking a look at several different marketing tools and strategies an organization can employ, how to measure your return on marketing effort, and what makes a content marketing strategy successful in the long term.

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Tips on Maximizing Social Media Marketing for Organization Success

Posted by Carrie Kolar on Jul 3, 2015 8:05:29 AM

In the list of technologies that are important for membership-based organizations, few rank as high as social media. Social media, in its various forms of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others give organizations a way to connect and engage directly with their members and inform their members about current and upcoming events. However, membership organizations can struggle with knowing exactly how to utilize social media for maximum benefit. In this week’s Association Debrief, we take a look at how you can go about maximizing social media marketing for organization success.

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Content Marketing Tips for Membership Groups and Other News

Posted by Janine Lucas on Oct 21, 2014 7:11:00 AM

This week's Association Debrief will help you with resources and tips to improve your content and marketing strategies—which will also help your website’s SEO. You’ll also find stories on associations that found ways to increase membership rates—and member approval—by changing tactics and updating technology.

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Membership Site Ideas: How to Create a Resource Center

Posted by Allison Reilly on Jun 12, 2014 8:00:00 PM

A resource center and a member-based organization go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can enjoy each of them separately, but the experience is so much better when the two are together. A resource center is a section of your association's website that previews all of your site's or association's content. No, it's not the same thing as a member portal, and your resource center shouldn't be restricted to members only. Having a resource center that's open to everyone will help your association educate potential members, rank highly in search engine results and generate interest in your organization and membership opportunities. Here's how to create a resource center for your association.

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Member Value, Member Retention and Other Association News

Posted by Allison Reilly on Jun 11, 2014 8:00:00 AM

One of the top three reasons why members don't renew their memberships is because they can't justify the expense with a worthwhile return or benefit. This means that members need to feel like their getting the right value for their money. This week's Association Debrief focuses on membership recruiting and retention strategies that emphasize the value members want from your association. Value is critical because it's not the same as member benefits, since benefits can exist but aren't necessarily valuable to members.

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Topics: member value, member engagement, association debrief, member recruitment, member retention, membership marketing

How to Increase Your Association Membership with Social Media

Posted by Allison Reilly on Apr 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The biggest thing in social media that many associations need is a way to translate Facebook fans and Twitter followers into active, dues-paying members. It's 2014, and hopefully, many associations already have a presence on at least one social media site. But, associations may have a hard time justifying putting the time and effort into social media because the return on investment isn't always easy to see and to measure. To change things so that social media is a no-brainer for your association, here's how to use it to increase association membership:

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Attracting New Members and Sponsors with Your Association Website

Posted by Lamees Abourahma on Mar 13, 2014 7:26:00 AM

Communication is critical for membership organizations, and having the right tools and strategy to facilitate it is crucial. In this edition of the Bright Association Press, Christina Green, the Midwest Association of Translators and Interpretors' president shares her experience with moving to a new website platform, called Wild Apricot, and shows how the website became a focal point for the association's recruiting of members and sponsors. Listen to my interview with Christina Green here and read the script below.

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Social Media Strategy, Newsjacking, and Other Association News

Posted by Allison Reilly on Mar 11, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Like it or not, social media is here to stay and social media isn't just for young kids either. Social media is a critical part of your association's online presence and your association marketing. Fortunately, learning and using social media doesn't have to cost money. It just takes time, effort, and the willingness to improve your skills. This week's association news roundup focuses on social media and online communication in general.

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