Website Migration & Setup Services for Wild Apricot

If you already have a website and decide to move it to the Wild Apricot platform, we call it a website migration – and we will guide you through the entire process.  

The Webbright team will help you set up a new Wild Apricot account for your organization, move your site pages and contact records, and customize your website template. We will also provide your team with training so you can update your new website at any time.

Here are the steps we follow during a migration:

Kick-off Meeting

A Bright Manager will review the project scope per our service agreement (SA), discuss additional details, and further define specifications. Your Bright Manager will ask you to provide:


We need

You provide


Domain name

Provider, user name, and password (please provide the password over the phone for security reasons)


Google Analytics

Google Analytics Code


Membership application

Your current membership application(s) in Word or PDF


Membership details

Levels, fees, renewal period, etc.


Member profile

Information you include in a profile and privacy settings (invisible, visible to members only, or visible to public). Note that each member can change his or her setting at any time.


Payment system

The information we need depends on the payment system you use. You can find a list of payment systems that integrate with Wild Apricot here.


Organization contact


Address, email, and phone number to be published on the website


Contact database

Contact data in an Excel spreadsheet. Note that Wild Apricot pricing is based on the number of contacts you have. You can find more details here:

 Project Schedule and Weekly Progress Meetings

Following the kick-off meeting, your Bright Manager will set up a project plan, including tasks, team, and timeline, and a weekly progress meeting for you and your Bright Manager.

Progress meetings typically last 30 minutes. You will review project progress and touch base on outstanding or upcoming work. These meetings are critical to keeping the project moving forward and on time. If a weekly meeting is canceled, your Bright Manager will communicate progress and request an update from your team via email.

Website Design and Development

If your project includes professional website design, you will receive a design mockup to review within two weeks after the kick-off meeting. Once the design and layout are approved, we will move to building your website template(s).

Our Bright Development team will set up your new Wild Apricot website as discussed during the kick-off meeting and using all input you provided. Development typically takes between two and three weeks. Note that this work can overlap with the design phase in order to complete the project as early as possible.

Beta Phase

When your new Wild Apricot website is ready for review (we call this the beta phase of development), your Bright Manager will email you a link so your team can look through it. You will compile feedback from your team and send it in one batch to your Bright Manager.

Based on your feedback, we create change requests and make site updates. This might take a couple of iterations until you are completely happy with your new website.


Before your website goes live, we will schedule a one to two hour training session for your team. We will cover Wild Apricot functionality and features and answer any questions you have.

Website Launch

Your new Wild Apricot website will “go live” once we will point your domain name to the Wild Apricot server. Your members and site visitors will begin landing on your new website when they type or click on your URL (domain name). Of course, you’ll probably want to announce your new website to members and other stakeholders.