The company being taken as the place of newspapers : this is what reveals new research of the Pew Research Center conducted on US users . In essence, more and more people read the news on social networks rather than newspapers: specifically, 1 in 5 Americans , or 20% of respondents, read the news on various social platforms against 16% of those who, however, still buy the newspapers. The data, in fact, are the same as last year, so even if there were no increases of those who inform only online, the same thing happened for the readers of newspapers, thus confirming the trend born for some time.

Surprisingly, however, the TV is still very popular despite the overwhelming break-in of the social network in the world of mass media : according to this study, in fact, for 49% of respondents is still the main source of information, followed by the radio at 33% and from websites to 26% .

Newscasts are preferred especially as regards local news ; much also depends on the age of the public. L ‘ 81% of the over 65s and 65% of 50-64enni prefer TV to the web ; the exact opposite happens with young people: 36% of 18-29 year olds are informed on social networks, 2% in newspapers and 16% with TV.