If you have a website and have tried to do any sort of search engine optimisation (SEO), chances are that you have also heard about how Google keeps changing how it ranks sites in search engines. If this has happened to you, don’t worry; there are still some tried and true methods of SEO that work and will help to boost your website rankings. Even though SEO tactics are always changing, the basic principles remain the same.

SEO Basics

When it comes to the basics of SEO, the basics have remain unchanged, even after there has been a shift in the search engine’s ranking algorithm. Here are the absolute basics that you should always practice in regards to your website.

Always have fresh, quality content

While you used to be able to add some pages full of keywords, that is no longer the case.  Keywords are still important, but high-quality content is even more important.

When it does come to the content you create, it is all about finding the perfect match between what your audience is looking for, what their intentions are, and what it is you are saying. When you can provide what your audience is looking for, help them solve their problem and incorporate your keywords in a natural manner. That is what is considered quality content.

Another benefit of having this quality content is that you can now share it with your social media accounts, hence getting even more exposure to your fresh content.

Create relationships that are meaningful

One of the basics of SEO is having links to and from your website, including to other websites that are considered to be an authority site. This should be done for specific pages on your site as well as your whole site in general.

Just be sure that you are actually linking with relevant sites. One high-quality link to a site like CNN.com or Wikipedia is going to have a much better website boosting effect than having 500 links to poor quality sites that don’t rank at all. So in this case, quality really is better than quantity.

The best way to establish these meaningful links is to create relationships with the influencers, which are media outlets and bloggers who are in the same niche and may be happy to mention your site and give you a link. When you go to approach these people, just remember that you should always lead with a giving hand and offer them something first, as opposed to just asking if they can help you.

If you can do these two things on a consistent basis, your SEO Gold Coast rankings will increase and you will discover that SEO works when it is done correctly.